Odamex is a free, cross-platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) modification of the Doom engine that allows players to easily join servers dedicated to playing Doom online. The goal of Odamex is to add enhancements to Doom while still retaining that "classic Doom feel" we all know and love about the original game.

Odamex is free software, however a copy of Doom or Doom II is recommended to play it. If you do not own Doom, it can be purchased on Steam. Other alternatives include using FreeDoom, or the Shareware version of Doom.

Latest version: 0.7.0

Released: March 27, 2014 :: Updated: March 29, 2014
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Events & Tournaments

Nitro #137 - Paul's Deathmatch Instagib

This week we will be playing the megawad Paul's Deathmatch, released in 2011 by Paul Corfiatis. Featuring 32 Boom compatible maps, a full original soundtrack, creative and fast paced map design, tons of cover and loads of height variation, effectively making it the ultimate Instagib megawad. You will need mouselook for this one.

    Date: Saturday, April 19th, 2014
    Session Start: 20:00 EDT (0:00 GMT)
    WAD's: paul_dm.wad BEXXY.WAD
    Maps: 32 (map01-32)
    Mode: 16-player Instagib Deathmatch
    Server: [NY] [Forgotten Warriors]

    See you there!


4791 - Dr_sean
-Remove the count parameter from DCanvas::PrintStr. It now expects null-terminated strings.-Change the console commandline glyphs for the cursor position and prompt to be a normal underscore and brack...
4790 - Dr_sean
-Update the TEXTCOLOR_* macros in v_text.h to use the \cX color code esacape sequences.-Fix the text coloring of the stats on the automap.

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News & Updates

Odamex 0.7 Released!
** This is a required update **

* The Release *

After many revisions and improvements, the Odamex Team is proud to present Odamex 0.7.0. This new version of Odamex marks the first official release of the rewritten software renderer. This new renderer fixes many relics of old ZDoom code and also includes support for a 32-bit software renderer capable of displaying colors far beyond what was previously capable. Additionally optimizations for frame-rate improvements in 32-bit color mode have been implemented based on specific capable CPUs, (automatically) controlled with the cvar r_optimize.

Aside from the brand new renderer, a great deal of changes and bug fixes also come with this release. Mappers will be excited to see that Odamex now supports up to 65535 vertices and 65536 segs in a single map. The launcher has received a number of improvements as well: Odalaunch can now query servers faster and a bug has been fixed involving oversized packets that resulted in some players not being able to see a full list of servers. A new announcer is also included and only one announcer sound will play at a time per team. Screenshots can automatically be taken during intermission via cl_autoscreenshot and all screenshots are now saved in PNG format.

Windows users will be excited to see that Odamex is now offered in 32-bit and 64-bit binaries for improved speed on 64-bit compatible operating systems. Download Odamex 0.7.0 for your preferred platform now!

A full list of changes can be viewed here.

Have fun!
Netcode White Papers / Videos
As players often wonder how Client/Server games work "under the hood", I'm creating a small thread that lists some important white papers in the field of client/server game programming.

This paper describes the architecture of the TRIBES engine and subsequent TNL library.
Video and slides for similar information: http://coderhump.com/austin08/

This paper describes Doom 3's architecture, which is an advancement over Quake 3 Arena.

This paper describes the CounterStrike architecture and the specifically client prediction of position and latency compensation for weapons.

This video describes Halo's architecture, which is based heavily on the TRIBES architecture.

Odamex 0.6.4 Released
** This is a required update **

* The Release *

In celebration of Odamex being used for QuakeCon 2013, the team has released Odamex version 0.6.4. This release will be very pleasing to the competitive crowd, as it adds in “raw mouse input” for windows users which should smooth out the mouse and make it more responsive when compared to the mouse input SDL was previously giving us. Additionally, more options are now available for rendering, including 4:3 rendering in widescreen via pillarboxing/letterboxing as well as the ability to uncap the framerate (though 35 fps is still default.)

Here have a list of notable changes:

+ Added vid_maxfps CVAR to allow frame rates greater than 35. Users can cap to an arbitrary frame rate or have completely uncapped frame rates. Interpolation between game logic states is used for frame rates other than 35.

- Removed r_widescreen CVAR.

+ Added vid_widescreen CVAR (default = 0) to indicate the user prefers a wide field-of-view.

+ Pillar boxing is used in place of horizontal stretching.

+ Letter boxing is used in 4:3 video modes with wide field-of-view.

* Fix the frame rate decrease that occurs when a player is looking directly at a very close wall and they are using a screen width that is a power-of-two (512, 1024, 2048, etc.).

* Fix obituaries for rocket deaths. The obituary for splash damage was swapped with the obituary for direct hits.

+ Add support for ZDoom in Doom format horizon lines (special #337).

+ Add support for the ZDoom DeHackEd weapon extensions "Ammo use" and "Min ammo" and "Ammo per shot" from Eternity.

* Change the ammo usage per shot for railguns to match "Ammo use" and change weapons if the railgun does not have "Min ammo". Note that if the DeHackEd patch that implements the railgun does not otherwise specify, the railgun will use the amount of ammo per shot as the weapon it replaces.

* Fix a bug that sent all team chat messages to spectators on the same team.

* Change the default color of team chat messages from green to orange.

* Fix freezes with maps requiring large numbers of TID, such as dvii-1u.wad MAP19.

* Fix a bug that would use the past position of the wrong player when performing reconciliation with sv_unlag under certain circumstances. This could be seen by flags dropping at the location of players besides the flag carrier in CTF.

* Auto detection for the Steam versions of The Master Levels of Doom II

Bug Tracker Is Back
Not much to say - it's back!  Thanks much to ryan of slipgate.org for the help out of perl hell!