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Odamex 10.5.0 Released

Hekksy :: May 17, 2024, 17:15:36

Odamex 10.5.0
This is a minor release with mostly quality of life fixes. The client has seen a number of useful updates. One of the more notable additions in 10.5.0, contributor loopfz improved the...

Odamex 10.4.0 QUAKECON EDITION 2023 Released

Hekksy :: August 10, 2023, 20:33:36

Odamex 10.4.0
Odamex version 10.4.0 has been released. This is to coincide with QuakeCon 2023, which many of the Odamex team are attending! Say hi!

Odamex 10.4.0 client is compatible with 10.0.0,...

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Latest Updates



ce234e7Merge branch 'release/10.5.0' into stable
e5894f4Merge pull request #960 from electricbrass/typo-fix Fix a minor typo in `g_hord...
828c5acFix typo in horde warning
fce4538initial commit for 10.5.0 rc1

Issue Tracker

964[CHANGE] Keep spynext focus after warmup
963Don't use localview pitch when playing demos
962[BUG] In netdemos, moving the mouse tries to change the POV of the recording pla...
956[BUG] When time skipping in a netdemo, the recorder's skin isn't saved from the ...

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ODAMEX is designed with portability in mind. From PCs to netbooks, consoles to handhelds, Amiga to Windows - our goal is for any device to run multiplayer Doom.

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