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The Odamex Launcher allows server information to be downloaded from the Master servers and allows players to connect

It is also an aid for helping server admins with configuring their servers as described below

First Time Setup

When you first start odalaunch, a configuration file will be generated to save the settings you set up. The first thing to do is to set up file paths to tell Odalaunch where Odamex is installed and where your iwads and pwads are. To do this, go to File > Settings. From there, go to "File Locations"

Odamex Path is where you put the path to directory/folder where the odamex binary (odamex.exe on windows) is located. On Linux this is typically /usr/share/odamex but it could be wherever the user installed it.

WAD directories is where you tell the launcher the location of your wads. The first directory listed is where wads will be downloaded to. You can have multiple directories.

Error Messages

Error 2 means that Odalaunch failed to launch Odamex. This usually means that the paths to the Odamex binary or the paths to iwads (doom2.wad) are not configured properly. Try looking at your configuration settings carefully.

Debugging server output

The launcher can output valuable information about servers when started with the following command in a terminal or windows command line:

odalaunch 2> out.txt

This will provide you with packet sizes, servers using old versions, servers returning malformed data etc.


Odamex Launcher and Client running on X11 on FreeBSD
Odamex Launcher under Linux
Odamex Launcher under MacOSX
Odamex Launcher under Windows

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