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A patch is a portion of source code (fix or addition) that can be directly applied to the main ODAMEX source code.


There are some benefits for yourself and others to be gained from submitting a patch:

  • ODAMEX can be made more enjoyable to play and have its stability and robustness improved.
  • If you're a new developer, it can improve your programming language skills.
  • If you're an advanced developer, it can improve your knowledge of the doom source code.
  • If you submit several patches, you will be included on the credits/contributors list (and eventually gain developer svn write access)
  • If you submit big patches such as those that fix major crashes or add a feature that betters Odamex, you will be granted svn write access.

Guidelines for patches

  • Be sure you have the latest svn revision to ensure that you aren't fixing something that has already been fixed.
  • Patches must comply with the coding standard

Sending us a patch

Patch submissions can be made by e-mailing one of the MAINTAINERS

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